I am a travel photographer with a love of history and the urge to venture off the beaten path.  The history and legacy of the American West is a central theme.  Also ancient civilizations around the world, and the monuments they left behind fascinate me.

The camera is a tool to record what I see and feel about a location.  It captures a split second in time, a mood, a glance or gesture;  something that resonates with me.  All that affects my interpretation of the scene.  Color, sepia, or duo-tone are all possible treatments.  I am now delving into digital painting on some of my photos.  This can give a looser, more stylized look to these images.  The final print may be on paper, canvas, metal, or even wood.

A good selection of my work can be found at the Yaquina Art Center in Newport, Oregon.  Nearby the Shilo Resort also has a display of my Oregon Coast images.